AngelFire Duo to perform Saturday, March 8


We are excited to be hosting an intimate evening of music and dance on Saturday March 8 starting at 7pm with AngelFire Duo!   Violinist Sholpan Beibitbayeva and pianist Renee Miles performed during Denise Elliot-Vernon’s artist reception on February 7 for the First Friday Art March.   So inspired by the way their music sounded in the Sanctuary, they asked if they could put on a show.   Of course you can !   This should be a really fun s


AngelFire duo are violinist Sholpan Beibitbayeva (pictured with her violin) and pianist Renee Miles.  The Saturday, March 8 event they will perform an eclectic mix of melodies and standards, ranging from swing to latin to foxtrot to Irish gigs.

They have invited their Dancer friends to be Featured dancers so to encourage dancing on the open dance floor throughout the evening.  Be prepared for an evening of enjoyment and entertainment for all!

$8 for singles and $12 per couple. 
Refreshments will be provided.

Who are violinist Sholpan Beibitbayeva and pianist Renee Miles??  Here goes…  [cue background music]

Renee Miles was first inspired to play piano by picking out songs from
TV’s Captain Kangaroo at age 6 (lessons followed shortly – thnaks Mom & Dad!).
As a teenager, playing for Tom Coleman III’s Young People’s Theater, then later,
Savannah Little Theater and Savannah Community Theatre, she was afforded
wonderful musical opportunities and great theater, as well as hilarious memories -
ask and the cockroach and West Side Story.  Some of her favorite shows include
“Guys and Dolls,” “I Do! I Do!,” “Man of La Mancha,” and “Hands of the Spirit.”  During
these times, Renee had the good fortune to work with [later] Tony-nominated
Isabelle Keating, Blue Man Group co-founder and actor Phillip Stanton, Savannah’s
extraordinary Gary Swindell, and Savannah Children’s Theater co-founder
Danny Filson, also Vice President, Savannah College of Art & Design.

This paved the way for becoming involved with area churches, including Savannah Christian
and Island’s Christian, playing with incredible local musicians and singers, including
two that Blues Review Quarterly Anniversary Edition calls…………………….………..
harp player Bobby Hanson and his partner Michael Amburgey on steel guitar,
Steffen Clark, Skip Hinely, Lonnie Mercier, Don Briola, Chip Skinner,
Ricky Stokes, whose song….. went to #1 on a Billboard Charts, Rick Gray, Gary Swindell, and
Ronn Alford.

Renee studied music at Armstrong State C ollege before switching over and completing a
degree in Education.  She has played venues in both Savannah and Hilton Head and loves
the warmth and musical environment of the low country.


Sholpan Beibitbayeva is originally from Kazakhstan, she first studied the violin at age 7 in the Kazakh Republic Special Music School.  Beginning at age 8 she began playing with the violinist’s ensemble and performed on big stages including the Grand Kremlin Palace Concert Hall in Moscow Russia.

She continued her studies at the Conservatory of Music in Kazakhstan and received her Bachelor of Music in Performance and Teaching.  During her University years she began to work in the Opera and Ballet Theatre.  She then started to play in Radio and TV Chamber Orchestra and the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of Kazakhstan.

Later, Sholpan and her violinist twin sister performed as a duo for two violins.  They also performed as a duo for violin and guitar where Sholpan had success as a guitar player.  As a duo, Sholpan and her twin sister performed in many events including Presidential performances and summit conferences around Russia and Kazakhstan.

Sholpan is currently advancing her music repertoire by studying jazz with Savannah Georgia’s famous jazz player and teacher, “Teddy Adams”.

Sholpan is currently performing with her new Duo called “AngelFire” in Savannah Georgia and surrounding areas.

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“Put on a Happy Face” — Guest Post by Neal Saye


Sometimes you just gotta do it.

“What?” you ask.

Put on a Happy Face.

Yes?  No?

Don’t get me wrong.  Other times you need to wail and mourn.  (I’m REALLY good at wailing.  Ask anyone who knows me well.  Or not so well.  Okay, okay, ask anyone who was in the theatre with me when I first saw Marley and Me.)

Seriously, I do believe there is a POWER in smiling and putting on a happy face.

Apparently, so does Penny Marshall.  (PLEASE tell me that at least four or five of you know who I’m talking about.)  Here she is on The Captain and Tennille Show back in the late sixties when I was in graduate, I mean grade school.

Listen to her lesson:


May your face and body and heart and soul be happy this Tuesday night.

If you can, try to put happiness on.

Lotsa Happy Faces: Here

Check out other posts about happiness by Neal on his blog:

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Want to Let It Go? Now is Your Chance!


Kyle Shiver – The Spirit Center

kyle_ssi_002-3-258x300On Monday January 27th at 7:30 p.m. I will be atAnahata Healing Arts in Savannah to give a talk and lead a guided mediation on forgiveness. People are going to cry, people’s eyes are going to open and see things in a new light. Perceptions are going to change and people are going to let go of things that they have held on to for years. It is going to be hard and heavy, and then it is going to be easy and free and light as air. We are going to let it all go. We are going to have a new way to perceive. We will all leave a lot lighter that we were upon our arrival. 

I know how it is to carry hurt and to carry resentment, and not be able to let go. You want to let go, you understand that it doesn’t make sense to carry the pain, but still you can’t let it go. You don’t understand how anyone could possibly do or say what was done or said. It was not fair. Nobody deserves what you got.

So you are stuck with it.

In my line of work as an energy healer and life coach, I get all kinds. I hear things sometimes that most of us(thankfully) cannot even imagine. Then I hear other things that may not seem so challenging, but I understand that when you are challenged, you are challenged. That is that.

If it hurts, then it hurts. If it is a challenge, then it is a challenge. You should feel exactly the way you feel, and I will make no bones about that. You aren’t going to let it go just because you know you should, or because you know it is hurting you. If that would work, then you would have already let go. So what is the plan here? How do you forgive?

“A miracle is simply a shift in perception” Marianne Williamson

The only way to let go of something is to realize that there is nothing there to hold on to. A shift in perception will do it every time.

What: Forgiveness Meditation with Kyle Shiver
When: Monday January 27th at 7:30
Where: Anahata Healing Arts 
Address: 2424 Drayton Street, Savannah
Cost: Suggested $10 donation


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Friday, January 17 – we had an amazing event called:

Sand & Time, transformative experiences

of Xulu & Amy Adams 


Amy writes under the name Humaira and works as a #poet/#writer/#speaker/ and #facilitator. Xulu, a transplant from the South Bronx is a #musician/#performer/#writer who makes #music under the names #Xuluprophet, South Bronx Savage, and Ox1 Music Ox1 is the collaborative effort between Ocean Man & Xulu. Ocean Man another transplant ( Galway, Ireland, & Vancouver, British Columbia) who makes music under the pseudonyms Obamabo, Sneaky Dread, and Oisin Daly. 

Here are some pictures from the event … 


The  light show to accompany the #music & #poetry provided by Planetary Projections. There will be Estatic #Dancing facilitated by Amy for everyone to participate in and raise the #vibration!!! 

It was AMAZING – thank you to everyone for coming and especially thanks to Xulu, Amy, Oison, and Simon for the vision!




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Introducing Chakradance™

 Introducing the newest healing modality to come to the USA – Welcome to Chakradance™.

This is an introduction class to the 9 week Awakening classes that begin in February 5. 


This is a 9 week workshop that works through each of the 7 chakras and includes an introductory and an integration class as well. These classes run 90 minutes each.


Intro to Chakradance™ – Saturday, January 25  @1pm – 2;30pm

Class fee is $20
Email Donna Elliott for more info at
Phone: 912-663-1306

Blending free-flowing movements with particular frequencies of sound, Chakradance™ will free the energy in your body and open you to a deeper experience of life. A healing dance/movement practice that draws on a fusion of philosophies and musical styles, Chakradance™ aims to restore health to our chakras – the energy centers that, in Eastern tradition, are the gateways to integrating mind, body and spirit. No dance experience or prior knowledge of the chakras is necessary. Guided by music resonating to each of the seven chakras, Chakradance™ participants are taken on a spiritual dance journey. In a darkened room, lit only by candle-light, we move with our eyes closed, and our attention turned inwards, for unlike most other dance practices, Chakradance™ is about making a connection with our inner world – the world of our imagination, feelings, intuition and senses.

9 week Awakening Class Schedule: 2/5, 2/19, 3/5, 3/19, 4/2, 4/18, 5/7, 5/21

9 Week Class fee is $180 

Email Donna Elliott for more info at
Phone: 912-663-1306


MARK YOUR CALENDARS for Friday, February 14 !


heart-chakra-colorsThis 2 hour dance is part of the Journeying Series with a more meditative feel to it.  Each workshop begins with an opening meditation, then a warm-up dance, a mini dance through all 7 chakras, then a meditation leading into each specific chakra, a longer dance journey, mandala art and finally a closing meditation.

Class fee is $20  

Time is 7:00pm – 9:00pm

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Anahata One Year Celebration


Saturday, January 11:  New Year Celebration & Ribbon Cutting!


Here are co-founders, Joanne Morton and Lynn Geddess cutting the “GREEN RIBBON” to kick start Anahata 2.0!

The day started with Lynn & Joanne sharing the story of how Anahata Healing Arts came to be following by introducing all of the people who will be collaborating with us this year.  The event ended with a few people joining Donna Elliot in a Chakradance.

January 11 – 111 was chosen for this celebration because of the special meaning 111 has in Angel Numbers.


Number 111 means that energy gate is opened and your thoughts are materializing so quickly right now. Choose carefully your thoughts at this time. They need to be in harmony with your wishes and desires. Give absolutely no energy to fears, otherwise they can become reality and get fulfilled quicker than you thought.


Check out the pics from the day – thanks to Dickie Haskell for taking great pics!!

We have added a few new classes,  ”Tai Chi Fusion”,  ”All Levels Flow”, and “Chakradance” … more classes are forming.   Look for more special events happening here too – be sure to check our Facebook page & special events page on our website.

We are so grateful for all of the people who helped make this day a really special event for all of us — thank you to Angie Horne for organizing the food.  Special shout outs to Elisa Mason, Norman & Denise Flojo, Dave & Jenny Lyle, and to Paula Letcher of coffee.deli for providing with amazing spread!   We love our “Good Food” at AHA!

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Group Past Life Regression at AHA


7 pm to 9 pm

beverlyBeverly Hollingsworth has worked in the Energy Healing modality for over 30 years. She is certified in numerous fields dealing with healing the body, spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.
We will be doing a group past life regression. It will be a introduction to QHHT and the work I do.  I feel my whole life’s work has lead me to this QHHT work.
Please wear comfy clothes and bring something to lie on, a pad or blanket and a water bottle. And your open hearts and minds. Get ready for an electrifying evening and a very peaceful experience. This will be an enlightening, fun evening. I look forward to meeting you all there. We are in some very interesting times. The ancient information is coming forward for all to share. So put on your seat belt and buckle up. This might be the ride of your life.
$20 Fee
 Here are a few of Beverly’s talents. 
A Certified “Dedicated Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist”. Trained personally with Dolores Cannon.

A Past Life Regression Therapist

A Hypnotherapist, studied with Steve Jones
A Master Naturalist with University of Georgia
A Reiki Master with Usui and Tera Mai

A Psych-K practitioner
A Core Zero Balancer
A Esalen Massage therapist
A Kurdish Breema therapist
A Herbalist, studied with Susan Weed
A Aromatherapist, studied with Gary Young
A Kayak Tour Guide and teacher
Public Speaking

Dedicated Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist

January 2001 – Present (12 years 10 months)Savannah GeorgiaQuantum Healing for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Vocational Institute of Florida

Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, Past Life Regression w/ Dolores Cannon, A+

2012 – 2012

Quantum Healing for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

QHHT is a technique of hypnosis created by Dolores Cannon which she has developed and refined over her 45 year career as a regressive hypnotherapist, working with thousands of clients in countries all over the world. I have taken training with Dolores and I am certified to practice her method for my own clients.

Some people might better understand the term “Past Life Regression”, and that is exactly how QHH started, with exploration of Past Lives. Today, with the expansion of human consciousness, more than just Past Lives are available to experience. Some people experience Future Lives, Parallel Lives, Lives on Other Planets, Lives in Other Dimensions. Some people visit the Spirit Side. Some people find themselves in the Akashic Records and still others visit the Temple of Healing. QHH focuses on the concept that the client will go to “the most appropriate time and place” to address any requests for healing or information.

Activities and Societies: Dedicated QHHT Therapist Level Two(Open)1 honor or award

Linda Morgan Owner and Director at Thunderbolt Counseling Services

Beverly is a caring, giving practitioner who follows the highest standards of hypnotherapy practice.

This is a great  video on Youtube of Dolores Cannon my teacher talking about what we do. I think you’ll find it fascinating!

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“Image of Me: Collection of Positive Self Portraits”

September Art Show was amazing – we had 27 Artists submit their work.

You voted on your FAVORITE THREE ARTISTS and we had 5 artists who were chosen!

All artists were winners however, these artists also received Angel Card Readings from Joanne, Yoga Classes from Lynn and Music from Joshua.

1st Place:   Melissa Hagerty – (thank you Blowin’ Smoke Cantina for Gift Certificate)

2nd Place: TIM!  Adam Gabriel Winnie & Brittany Nearhoof (special thanks to Lowcountry Gourmet Food for Balsamic Vinegar)

3rd Place:  Debbie Day & Lori Felix

Melissa Hagerty (l) "Victory Still"  Joanne Morton

Melissa Hagerty (l) “Victory Still” Joanne Morton


"Self Portrait as Painter" Adam Gabriel Winnie

“Self Portrait as Painter”  Adam Gabriel Winnie


Self Portrait in Field Brittany Nearhoof

Self Portrait in Field
Brittany Nearhoof






Other photos to be loaded later — we are in the process of attracting someone to help us with our website !

PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION — moving forward slowly to expand & grow Anahata Healing Arts.

image of Me

1st Friday Art March – Artist Reception

Anahata Healing Arts  first group show, “IMAGE OF ME: Collection of Positive Self Portraits” was on Friday, September 6.

We are creating a space open to anyone who is searching for understanding and clarity about the shifts that are occurring right now. We are all feeling it and this Exhibition is an opportunity to see/experience the duality in our experiences and the mirror of the IMAGES OF ME. The Friday Night event will also include INTERACTIVE ART – come create your OWN IMAGE OF ME to be displayed in the exhibition.

Everyone who came all commented on that this was an amazing show to enjoy a safe environment to allow your mind & heart to open … just a little bit more.

FEATURING ARTISTS: Brenna Baluh, Josh Baluh,
Tony Bavaro, Paula Brett, Lia May-Byrd, Carin Channing,
Debi Day, Isak Dove, Elisabeth Edge, Lori Felix,
Melissa Hagerty, Joshua Gray Hamilton, Kerry Harried,
Rob Hessler, Jennifer Joyce, Kelly Klo, Olga Khalina,
Brian MacGregor, Jen Marks, Elizabeth Massey,
Cree Michelle, Joanne Morton, Brittany J. Nearhoof,
Gertrude Palmer, Dana Richardson, Adam Gabriel-Winnie

Featuring musical performance by Joshua Gray Hamilton & friends

Special Exhibition of “Little People Positive Self Portraits”
collection of the children of Savannah … we are here not here for ourselves, but for our children.

Artist & Curator, Joanne Morton’s idea for the show was to expand the collective consciousness about what does “IMAGE OF ME” reflect. She is curious to how it will feel to be standing in a room of POSITIVE SELF PORTRAITS! The exhibit is an opportunity for us to be a part of the growing collective consciousness that is occurring in humanity that is focused on peace, prosperity, wellness, compassion, peace and love.


MORE PICTURES FROM THE CLOSING RECEPTION – with Joanne Morton sharing the stories of Tom! me & tom


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L.E.A.N. Challenge – Healthy Savannah!

Mondays @ 5:30-6:15

30 Minute Positive Energy ME Time!

avatarCombining Meditation & Exercise, we use affirmations, energy work, movement, & meditation that help you  align with your LEAN Goals to your heart & spirit.

It can be done in 30 minutes or less!
IF you are looking for inspiration & encouragement
this is the PLACE to be on MONDAY NIGHTS!

Complimentary for Challenge Members!

6:15 – 7:15 – Join different special Health/Wellness coaches for an
intimate conversation about how to EMPOWER yourself with tools
that you have inside you. Come meet some of the awesome people in Savannah  who are here to SERVE you! Let’s help one another be a LEAN Savannah! Free

$20 UNLIMITED YOGA monthly pass
(until the end of the challenge)

Be sure to mention the LEAN Challenge
Good Luck!  You can do it!!

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Aroma Flow Weekend –

There is something aromatic coming from Anahata Healing Arts — and it’s our use of ESSENTIAL OILS (and this incense we have too!)

At Anahata, we understand the importance & VALUE of honoring all of ones senses — SIGHT – TOUCH – SOUND – TASTE and SMELL !

One of the easiest ways to strengthen your Sense of Smell is to use Essential Oils!   We are excited to be offering our clients Young Living Essential Oils for retail and wholesale use.    After taking one of Lynn’s Soul Progression Yoga Class, you are offered a cold washcloth that has been chilled with Eucalyptus s YL Essential Oil & water.

What a REFRESHING WAY to finish your practice.   This is also perfect after spending a hot afternoon in the Savannah heat!!

If you are interested in finding out more how to use Essential Oils

Please join us for AROMA FLOW WEEKEND!

Starts September 20/Friday @ 7pm – September 21/Saturday @10am & @7pm – September 22 /Sunday @1pm

 FRIDAY NIGHT – we hosting ANOTHER RAW DINNER PARTY!    The one we had last month was spectacular!   Conversation with gourmet food, smart people, kind hearts in a beautiful setting.   Such good energy!  As of September 11 – we have 7 Spots Left!
You can buy your tickets here …

On Saturday we have partnered up with Tybee Yoga & Healing Arts to host TWO AROMA FLOW Yoga classes with Bridget D’Arco.   

Flow Yoga is about linking the breath with the pose. One moves from pose to pose in a smooth, easy manner, like Meditation in Motion. Therapeutic Grade oils are known to create an environment that supports a deeper yoga practice.  Using essential oils in class is often a transformative experience for participants because of their inherent ability to shift the space ~ creating a palpable change in the energy of the room, a softening or sometimes expansion of everyone’s life force.  The aroma helps to center the mind and transport participants to a sacred space, helping to relax, inspire and energize..

 Aroma flow yoga  promises that you will leave feeling lighter, healthier and happier in mind, body and spirit!

THEN ON SUNDAY –  Aromatherapy 101 in the AHA Gallery.  Join us for an afternoon TEA and conversation about how to use Essential Oils for your Wellness – Purpose – Abundance!    All of the info is on our SPECIAL EVENTS PAGE! 

Come discover the uplifting and healing qualities of  Therapeutic Grade oils

AND let’s not forget the most important sense – the INTUITIVE SENSE!    We are here to help you strengthen & activate all of your senses so you fully enjoy your life healthy – wealthy – free!  

You can buy your tickets here … attend three events to receive a complimentary yoga class at Tybee Yoga & Healing Arts or Anahata Healing Arts.
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